Waste Heat

There is a way to recover waste heat produced by industial processes, and provide a renewable and clean energy source. During every industrial process, waste heat is produced. If this heat is not used to generate new energy, it is simply released into the Earth’s atmosphere without having any purpose.

How does it work?

Using industrial waste heat to fill a purpose elsewhere can also save money: the system has a payback time of only one year. By using waste heat as a renewable and clean energy source, your industry becomes instantly more sustainable. Using our efficient and intelligent technology, we can capture emitted waste heat, generate new energy from it and use this energy in the original industrial process, making it more efficient without releasing waste heat into the atmosphere.


When compared to other energy sources, there are a number of benefits to waste heat recovery:

  • Has a high capacity factor
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Renewable
  • Creating a purpose for waste energy
  • Provides electricity on a continuous, non-intermittent basis

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