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Efficient mining systems can generate energy from natural hot vents at the bottom of the ocean. Hydrothermal or hot vents can therefore be a renewable and clean energy source, when compared to classic energy sources.

How does it work?

A hot vent is a crack in the surface of our planet, where geothermal energy heats up its surroundings. In our case, these hot vents are located at the bottom of oceans, where the thermal energy stored in the Earth heats up the surrounding seawater to incredibly high temperatures, and creates high-pressure hot geisers. Hot vents are often found near volcanically active places that generate a lot of heat. Smart mining systems are able to use the energy in the heated seawater to generate energy; this is typically done by bringing up the hot fluids to a power plant, and extracting electrical energy from the heat, by using the temperature difference between the hot seawater and the cool surface seawater. Because the driving force is water, it is an extremely efficient and continuous process.


When compared to other energy sources, there are a number of benefits to the use of hot vents:

  • Great natural temperature differences
  • Provides electricity on a continuous, non-intermittent basis
  • Has a high capacity factor
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Renewable

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