Seawater air conditioning

Seawater Air Conditioning moves cold seawater so that it can be used as air conditioning. Seawater Air conditioning provides a clean and renewable energy source, that can be used to cool buildings instead of energy-intensive standard airco systems.

How does it work

The cool water that is taken from the depths of the sea, is moved to one or more buildings where it cools down heat generated by these buildings. Such a system can utilize cold sea, lake or river water as the source of the air conditioning. Arteq Power is able to use these techniques at already the smallest temperature difference, but of course the cooler the water, the stronger the air conditioning power. Seawater cooling can be used for on- and off shore industrial processes.

Benefits of Seawater Air Conditioning

When compared to other kinds of air conditioning, Seawater Air Conditioning has a number of benefits:

  • Provides electricity on a continuous, non-intermittent basis
  • Has a high capacity factor
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Renewable

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