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About Arteq Power

ArteqPower is developed by Harold Lever. Harold Lever started in 2010 with Archimedes Solutions to develop various initiatives in the area of sustainable energy. In 2015, the development of the concept for transforming streams with small temperature differences reached the point where it was considered appropriate to develop the concept further within a separate identity: ArteqPower. The main product of ArteqPower is the so called STeD Engine: an engine that uses large streams of small temperature differences as the basis for power generation. The STed Engine uses a modified ORC cycle, which simplifies the design and operation and has the potential to be more efficient at small temperature differences.

Harold Lever has a long history with sustainability and project development.

In the past he served as director of the National Envrionmentsl Centre of the Netherlands and worked in the management of large construction company

Currently, he is director of BdB Greenpower and starting with ArteqPower



The growing energy use of developed and developing countries is in it’s current form unsustainable. Mainly due to he ever growing output of CO2, which contributes to manmade greenhouse warming.

On the other hand, energy facilitates the culture and lifestyle that we all appreciate. An important form of that energy is electric power.

For a sustainable future, it is therefore mandatory that we use and produce power in a sustainable way.

ArteqPower believes in the power that can be produced from Nature’s sources.

ArteqPower focusses on large streams of small temperature differences like Ocean Thermal Energy and Geothermal Energy.



The mission of ArteqPower is to develop efficient equipment for the transformation of large natural sources with small temperature differences in usable power.

ArteqPower cooperates with energy companies, Esco’s and project developers worldwide to realise projects that produce power from natural sources.

ArteqPower does so with respect for people, planet and profit.

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