In Boras, close to Gotheborg, the first OTEC for Africa conference was held. It was also the first moment to present the Archisol concept tot the OTEC community. Several parties showed interest and asked to be informed of future developments.

All speakers agreed on the near future possibilities of OTEC as a clean, continuous source of energy and possible drinking water. And with a potential enough for a large part of the tropical world. Ther seems to be a hesitation to be the first to move, but several projects want to follow soon, once a first project has gone commercial.

Several business cases showed starting prices for long term Purchase Power Agreements in the range of $ 200 to 400/MWh (0,20 0,40 ct/kWh), which is already below the current commercial market prices in most island states which rely on fossil fuels to generate their electricity. Experience and upscaling will lower these prices even further in the longer term, making OTEC competitive in more markets.

Our vision of OTEC  was seen by the participants as a valuable innovation to develop OTEC in an more affordable technique.